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  • In my opinion there is only one Mona Lisa and there is only ONE Wende Pritchard! Additionally, I have owned five homes and never ever have I experienced such a delightfully and flawless transaction. To say I was truly blessed to have found Wende as an agent to represent me is an understatement. Please do not be deceived by that sweet southern charm she possesses, she can run with the guys any day of the week and leave them in the dust. You are her client and she will not hesitate to fight for you taking no hostages. For Wende it is what is in the best interest of her client. Her knowledge, professionalism, understanding of her profession, people skills and determination, make her the BEST AGENT IN ALL OF THE OUTER BANKS ! I was so extremely pleased with every aspect of this transaction. After all, your buying a home in the Outer Banks because you want to be there, it is a choice and you want every moment to be memorable, I assure you, I will always remember Wende fondly and won't hesitate to refer her to anyone and everyone!
  • Wende, I want to thank you for your attention to every detail to assist Cheryl and Jim in acquiring their new home ... you were so responsive to all their questions and gave them great advice all through this first time home buyer process ! please know that we so appreciate all of your “hand holding”! They are three days into the moving process ... I intend to go down on Sunday and do some decorating and trimming for them !I will promise you that if asked by anyone for a referral for a residential agent .... it will be you that we suggest ! We know you literally went the extra mile to facilitate and educate !! Thank you so much for counsel! Meanwhile, wishing you a happy holiday season! All the best to you and your family!
  • How lucky am I to have come across Wende in my search for a home! From the moment I began my process four months ago until today when I closed, Wende was the only person I would have wanted along with me for this ride! Coming from the Midwest, I knew nothing about home ownership on the coast... and I didn't know I didn't know anything, which could have led to a terrible outcome! But Wende informed me and advocated for me and the homes I was looking at continually. She would ask me questions to see if I was really wanting to deal with certain aspects of life on the coast, even when they would potentially turn me off to the home and make her job harder as the search would inevitably continue. She never made it about her, never. She listened and continued to modify her search, looking for what I would tell her I was wanting. In the end, it was because she listened so astutely that I got the house that I never knew I wanted but she did! She was tough negotiating for me and making sure they were accountable for all the house questions I had and needed answers to to best make my final decision whether to purchase or terminate. Being unable to make it to ever see the final home, Wende went several times to the home to do FaceTime viewings and patiently looked where I asked and checked out what I needed to see in order to feel the most confident in my purchase. She was never rushed and always one to point out all the pros and cons to each part of the house, especially in regards to specific elements of concern to homes there like water intrusion, window seals, and piling rot. I would absolutely, positively, most certainly, without-a-doubt recommend Wende for any property purchase you have in the Outer Banks as she is incredibly knowledgable in that area, and when she is not, she will never let her ego take over and will happily recommend whoever can best assist you. You are in fantastic and professional hands with Wende!
  • Wende was unbelievably helpful in assisting us make our dream come true in purchasing our OBX home. From the get go, Wende took the time to understand what we were interested in and provided us with relevant listings to consider. Since we live out of the area and due to Covid, Wende was kind enough to travel up to several new listings for us and give us virtual tours on a Saturday while the properties were between rental occupants. Wende also made the whole contracting and due diligence processes as easy as it could be with her thoughtful and highly qualified professional references who helped us with inspections, survey, appraisal, etc. To top it all off, we learned that Wende and two of her clients were featured on two TV episodes of a popular beachfront home buying show. We enjoyed watching those as well. All in all, Wende is amazing, thoughtful, patient and kind which made the whole buying experience fun and successful.
  • Wende made our dream house come true. She handled everything. We bought during the time no one was allowed in NC OBX . Wende checked out houses for us. We did face-time with her to see the homes. Who would do that? She became like family she went well above what I would expect any realtor to do. If you are interested in buying or selling I would suggest you reach out to Wende you will not be sorry. She makes it seem so easy.
  • Wende sold us our house in OBX 4 years ago. The process was flawless. We were so impressed, we used her again this year...when we had to move once again. Wende pays attention to every detail. She had our back in such a way that any potential problem that might have occurred, was headed off at the pass. Kudos to Wende and her organization.
  • Wende Pritchard is the essence of a specialty real estate market such as OBX. She knows the area, the clientele, the property and she knows this market's value. She is "OBX" realty. She is practical and patient and is not over aggressive in her mannerism yet pushes the strong points of the property and the "deal" You can tell she enjoys her work and she loves the area since she resides in her own market area. I got a great deal on a wonderful house an entered into a new business foray and at the same time became a OBX home owner because of the professionalism and expertise of the subject matter demonstrated by this excellent agent. I am thrilled to start this next chapter of my life and I owe it to Wende Pritchard. Thank you very Much.
  • By chance, I was fortunate to have found Wende! When looking for properties, I happened to come across a beautiful property that was listed by her. After reading her testimonials, her very generous 1% realtor discount and biography, I decided to give her a call. She couldn't have been more ingratiating. She asked about our family, our family's desires for a beach house and budget. She then sent us a wide variety of properties across OBX and the pros/cons of each area. She's a wealth of information!! Some of the pros and cons were surprises as I thought I knew OBX fairly well. From that point forward, we honed in on an area. Then, she meticulously evaluated each house we viewed providing valuable feedback on the house and location. Once we found a property, her connections in the area were beyond belief. She provided a few names for every line item/need. After the closing, she remained in contact with us to make sure we were happy and had everything we needed. I have zero buyer's remorse! I know I bought the right house, for the right price in the best area for my family. Now, I look forward to living my dream with our family there! Without any reservations, I would give Wende my highest recommendation. Call her, tap into her knowledge base and let her work with you to find your beach house! You will be glad you did!
  • From our first phone call with Wende to the day we received our keys to our new home, Wende was all in. She completely had our backs. She is incredibly knowledgeable about the OBX area and understood our goals....and she helped us understand better what we were looking for! Her guidance was priceless as we navigated the home search and buying process. I have never worked with anyone with a better response time than Wende. She is honest, diplomatic and readily available without being overbearing. She advocated for us from the beginning to the end, she took excellent care of us. Her network is reliable and she is super fun and nice (bonus)! I cannot recommend her more....call her NOW.....you will never have a better home buying experience with anyone else.
  • Wende went way beyond our expectations as a realtor. We purchased a high value and actively rented beach home in Duck, NC. Her knowledge and experience were invaluable throughout the purchase and transition. Being an out-of-state buyer can be intimidating, but with Wende we felt like we had all of the unknowns covered. Best realtor we've ever worked with.